Last Name First

Sibling surfers have long inspired the history of surfing, from great Hawaiian legends Michael and Derek Ho to today's prodigy hotshots, the Irons, Lopez, and Hobgood brothers.

Many wonder what kindles the fire beneath each renowned duo. Is it just brotherly love... is it competitive jealousy... or is it a little of both?

Filmed on location in Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti, California, Florida, Costa Rica, Fiji, Mexico, Bali, The Mentawais, and Cortes Bank.

Features Andy and Bruce Irons, Shea and Cory Lopez, CJ and Damien Hobgood, Michael and Derek Ho, Garrett and Liam McNamara, Shane and Gavin Beschen, Christian and Nathan Fletcher, and many other brothers.

Music: The Affiliates, The Document Room, Mower, ASG, Leek and the Bouncing Uptones, The Line, Fugazi, Three and a Quarter, and much more.