Local Boys

On Skeet's twelfth birthday, his older brother Randy buys him his first surfboard. Suddenly, summer turns into an endless search for the perfect wave, wild times, and beach parties with surfing buddies.

Skeet must soon learn to find his own adventures when Randy's attention turns to sexy new girl Samantha.

Beyond his wildest dreams, Skeet is taken under the wing of surfing legend Jim Wesley, who gives Skeet first-hand lessons in hot-dogging.

Meanwhile, Randy is still dealing with the loss of their father but finds it difficult to fill his shoes in the shadow of Jim's growing influence on Skeet.

When Jim begins a relationship with their single mom, Randy is not thrilled, and his feelings erupt with jealousy and resentment.

Torn by the conflict between his brother and his newfound father figure, Skeet retreats to his room while longing only to surf.

Filmed on location along Southern California beaches, "Local Boys" is loaded with radical surfing footage, breathtaking moves, and thrilling feats.

Packed with endless adventure, awesome point breaks, and California surfer girls, this coming-of-age story captures all the hardships and thrilling freedom that go along with growing up.