Op Pro Mentawai Islands 2001

In June 2001, ten of the world's best surfers set sail for the wave-rich Mentawai Island, located off the coast of Sumatra, the exotic site for the sport's most exciting surf contest: the Op Pro.

Blurring the line between competition and adventure, the 2001 Op Pro sets a new standard for surfing events, pitting the sport's hottest surfers against some of the most radical waves ever ridden - including the awesome, endless barrels of Kandui, a never-before-surfed danger-wave.

With its innovative competitive format, the cast of wild characters, and awesome free-surfing, the 2001 Op Pro redefines the cutting edge of surfing performance and adventure.

And now this video brings the 2001 Op Pro home - every epic ride and all the action from start to finish, including new footage that can't be seen anywhere else.