Pacific Vibrations

"Pacific Vibrations" is easily one of the all-time classic surf films.

Made by John Severson, Hall-of-Fame surfer, filmmaker, artist, and founder of Surfer Magazine.

The movie offers a look into the counterculture and environmental movements of the 1970s era while showcasing some of the best surfers of that time.

It combines breathtaking surf footage with an underlying narrative about the surfing lifestyle and its connection to the larger world.

There's an emphasis on the spiritual aspects of surfing and the connection surfers feel to the ocean.

It also touches on environmental concerns, as the film was created during a time when the environmental movement was starting to gain significant traction.

Starring Jock Sutherland, Bill Hamilton, Rolf Aurness, David Nuuhiwa, Merv Larson, Jeff Hakman, Mike Tabeling, Corky Carroll, Rick Griffin, Angie Reno, Brad McCaul, Spyder Wills, Mickey Dora, Chuck Dent, Steve Bigler.

Released in 1970.