Pororoca: Surfing the Amazon

An expedition into the heart of the Amazon Jungle to ride the longest wave on Earth.

With the dry season drawing to a close and the full moon setting in the West, a great roar - "Pororoca" in the native Indian dialect - can be heard throughout the Amazon's mouths.

With the rivers at an absolute minimum, the vast Atlantic tides are about to hurl the waters straight back with a devastating fury.

This is the story of a mystic expedition of world-class surfers Ross Clarke-Jones, Picuruta Salazar, Carlos Burle, and Eraldo Gueiros, who travel deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle to ride a tidal wave, kilometers away from the ocean.

It is a quest for the most unusual surf experience, a journey into the unknown.

The most exotic surfing trip ever, it was in the setting of the "Pororoca - Surfing the Amazon" event that Picuruta Salazar set his phenomenal record by riding the dirty-brown wave for over 30 minutes through the rainforest.

For the first time, this natural phenomenon has been fully captured on high-quality 16mm film, bringing to the audience the fascination of one of the last great adventures of our century.