Puerto Underground 4

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Puerto Underground 4

"Puerto Escondido IV" exposes the heart and soul of deepest Mexico.

In 1996, Dave Ogle and Todd Morcom won a Surfer Video Award for Longest Tuberide for an incredible barrel at Puerto Escondido in Puerto Underground II.

"Puerto Underground I" was released in 1993 and "Puerto Underground II" in 1996. Now it has been almost 8 years since Puerto Underground III, and the latest installment features the best moments from the last several summers at the Mexican Pipeline.

Shooting from land, sea and air, with film and video, Ogle has recorded all the thrills, chills, spills and drillings of surfing one of the gnarliest beach breaks on the planet. Puerto Escondido is kind of like Ricks Café Americain in Casablanca.

Every summer, the best surfers in the world come for the waters and to test themselves in one of the gnarliest, barreling beach breaks in the world.

Ogle turns his camera on the famous and infamous, world champions and underground chargers and the featured surfers in Alma y Corazon reads like a Who's Who of What's Up: Brad Gerlach, Peter Mel, Skindog, Rob Machado, Dogtown Boyz Allen Sarlo and Jay Adams, the Brothers Long, Hobgood and Lopez.

These visitors compliment a local crew who surf the place every day and have those barrels completely wired. Alma y Corazon features the action at sea, but also gives an underground overview of the town of Puerto Escondido.

No longer, a small, sleepy Mexican fishing village, Puerto Escondido is now a booming tourist town built around the barreling beach breaks that have been attracting surfers since the 60s.

Although the Mexican Pipeline is the main attraction, surfers have been spreading up and down the coast both ways to see what is happening, and Alma y Corazon provides some revealing glimpses of secret spots that are about to cause a big sensation in the professional surfing world.

That is not all! Because this is a DVD there is a room for Many Special Extras, including segments on men's and women's longboarders.

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