Red Hot Blue

Red Hot Blue

There were many great surf movies from the 1970s and of course many unforgettable classics over the last 50 years.

"Red Hot Blue" is one of the four or five best surf movies ever made. A spellbinding visual mind blower. A surf film by Curt Mastalka.

One of the most visually stimulating surf films ever made.

Featuring some of the times best surfers: Mike Purpose, Bob Tripp, Reno Abellira, Tiger Espere, Barry Kanalaupuni, Bill Lacy, Jerry Lopez, Charlie Galento, Stanley Parks, Mike Turkington, David Nuuhiva, Owl Chapman, Ryan Dolson, Eddie Aikau, Clyde Aikau, Ben Alpa, Bryan Cassiday, Mike Malik, Keone Downing, Jeff Crawford, Tom Stone, Bill Sickler, Sam Hawk, Dave Riddle, Jimmy Lucas, John Burky, Mark Liddell, Vine Gannon, Brian Livingston, Corky Carrol, Larry Bertlemann, Peter Cole and Buffalo.

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