Retina Rehab

The "Retina Rehab" video premiere went off with over 400 people screaming their lungs off for a solid hour. Take that feeling home with you so you can do the same with your family.

What happens when you mix a couple of three-chip cameras placed around the world, some of the world's best bodyboarders, and the creative mind of Michael Crawley?

The answer can be found in the new addition to the family of videos put out by No Friends.

Once again, they have reinvented themselves with new styles of music, different angles/riders, and locations.

A lot of the footage in this video was shot by Michael Crawley.

Some standouts in this video would have to be Nelson Ross and Mitch Rawlins surfing the waves that you dream about in Australia.

There is some crazy water footage from WA and a cool 16mm section that mixes things up.

They break out of the normal again with designated sections for both Northpoint, with standouts being Hubb, Virtue, and Ben Player.

There is also a sick Box section and a unique perspective into two groups of people to Indo.