Ring of Fire II

"Ring of Fire II" is an action-packed bodyboarding flick filmed all over the world, starring California's finest riders.

Their first destination takes them to the shallow, wedging reef pass perfection of an undisclosed island in the South Pacific.

Next up is a feature on The Wedge, the world's most renowned, bone-crushing shore break.

The video then continues with all the highlights from California's mind-blowing 2010 winter season.

Director Rob Isambert takes you to Bali as he returns this time, armed with his unique board and helmet camera as he navigates Indo's most sought-after barrels at Padang Padang.

Following his breathtaking first-person perspectives is an up-tempo segment of the best rides from two winters on the Rock.

The top pros from all around the world converge upon the North Shore of Oahu to deliver some top-notch action.

For the first time, a newly discovered slab in the Pacific Northwest is unveiled as two riders attempt to pioneer the frigid waters of the Northwest coasts of America.

Nearly halfway around the globe, similar slabs are conquered in the deep southern Pacific Ocean.

Colossal caverns are ridden in this section at Tasmania's Shipstern Bluff.

Finally, the video takes you back to the black sand beaches of Mainland Mexico as an all-star ensemble of bodyboarders head south of the border.

Dodging Swine Flu outbreaks and deadly drug wars, they are greeted with empty, thumping A-Frame peaks.

With additional sections featuring Matt Meyer, Mike Lepiere, and John "Beans" Porzuczek, the video also showcases California's most technical riders scoring perfect surf in their own backyards.

With the running time of over an hour long, the "Ring of Fire II" is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive, aesthetic videos to ever come out of California and is a must-own for every bodyboarder.