Rip Shred Tear

Sad, stupid, annoying, messed up, tight pants, girls that look like boys, concrete monkeys, scooters, loggers and dongers, dohos and fords, crashing jumping, death, surfing, skating, burns outs and probing.

What do all of these words have in common? "Rip Shred Tear"! This is a movie that will suck harder than all movies.

You will watch it and ask yourself, "Who am I? What have I been doing with my life? Why am I still wearing camo cargo shorts, drinking energy drinks that make my testicles smaller and trying to be like Jimmy Slade, and not wearing tight pants and kissing boys."

This film created by Mitch Abshire and filmed/edited by Maddison Dyer and Mark Choiniere will change your life for the worst.

"Rip Shred Tear" surfs and skates up the states, hanging toes, and suckin' bones, getting the slash on in places like the Hoover dam, Delaware River, Minnesota Lake, South Dakota inlets, and Wyoming Falls.

This film was made to get the real story out of the closet about surfing - raw, dangerous, and pure vomit.

Some of the humans surfing in this video include Jimmy Slade, Lance Burkhart, Rick Kane, Jonny Tsunami, Alex Knost, Jared Mell, Troy Elmore, Scotty and Turkey Stopnik, Tyler Mumma, Ford Archibald, Andrew Doheny, JJ Wessels, Devin Briggs, and a lot of other creeps that you probably hate.