San Diego Surf

"San Diego Surf" was filmed in La Jolla, California, about 100 miles down the coast from Los Angeles, in May 1968.

It was filmed in color on 16mm with two cameras, operated by Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey.

It featured Superstars Viva, Taylor Mead, Louis Waldon, Joe Dallesandro, Tom Hompertz, Ingrid Superstar, and Eric Emerson, plus Nawana Davis and others.

Its loose narrative concerns an unhappily married couple (Taylor Mead and Viva) with a baby who rents their beach house to a group of surfers.

After it was shot, it was only partially edited and never released. In 1995-96, the Andy Warhol Foundation commissioned Paul Morrissey, under the supervision of Foundation curator Dara Meyers-Kingsley, to complete the editing, based on existing notes and the rough cut.

One of the last films in which Warhol had direct involvement, "San Diego Surf" was the first time Warhol had made a movie in California since the early Tarzan and "Jane Regained... Sort of" in 1963.

The month after "San Diego Surf" filming was completed, Warhol was shot by Valerie Solanas, which virtually ended his work behind the movie camera.

The film is being released by The Andy Warhol Museum, which holds all the copyrights.