Shades of Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali is a dream locale that consistently draws traveling surfers from all corners of the globe.

Throughout the last five years, videographer Pete Matthews has documented the epic waves and diverse landscape that grace this special Indian Ocean isle.

Matthews has captured the world's best surfers along with the lifestyle and essence of four locals who appear more than ready for the world stage.

The Godfather of Bali surfing Rizal Tanjung has carved himself a niche in the surf world and leads the way for his best friends Wayan "Betet" Merta, Made "Bol" Adi Putra, and Pepen Hendrix.

"Shades of Bali" not only looks deep into the lives of these Balinese watermen, but it also captures the skilled wave riding of the top-shelf professionals who continually return to this magical atoll.

Mikala Jones, Jamie O'Brien, Taj Burrow, Dave Rastovich, and others take full advantage of Balis flawless reefs, offshore winds, and endless tube rides.

The high-quality action footage in "Shades of Bali" is perfectly spliced with commentary by Rizal, Betet, Bol, Mikala Jones, Jamie O'Brien, Jesse Merle-Jones, and Pete Matthews, all set to an eclectic, soothing soundtrack.