Sight | Sound

Sight | Sound

Surfing is supposed to be an individual act. It's supposed to illicit creativity and take place in a natural environment.

It's supposed to have moments familiar and original. It's supposed to be both elegant and raw. Surfing isn't supposed to be choreographed.

From the surfer-director of "Picaresque," here is another film without dialogue. Another group of talented individuals doing what they do best, with an eclectic soundtrack mixed-in to enhance the vibe.

Directed by New York native Mikey DeTemple, the surf movie follows DeTemple and his diverse crew of surfers far and near, scoring mind-blowing surf from Maritime Canada, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Maine, New York, and Baja.

Starring: Chris Del Moro, Justin Quintal, Kassia Meador, Alek Parker, Ryan Burch, Mikey DeTemple, Scotty Stopnik, Jared Mell, Daniel Thompson and Tyler Warren.