Sound of the Surf

"Sound Of The Surf" is a documentary film celebrating the innovative sound of surf music, which became an instant cultural phenomenon when it united instrumental guitar with the world of surfing 50 years ago.

Surf music shaped an entire generation in the early 1960s, and that influence has continued throughout the history of modern music.

The story begins in the 1950s on the pristine beach of Southern California, center stage for the forces that would combine to create the unique sound and style of surf music.

Filmed and presented in high definition, "Sound Of The Surf" examines the surf culture before the theatrical release of the movie "Gidget."

It takes you on an intimate journey back in time through the use of original music, rare archival footage, photos, and exclusive interviews.

Today, fifty years after the Rendezvous Ballroom in Newport Beach reverberated to the sounds of pounding surf guitar, deafening drums, and stomping feet, the sound of surf music is an American institution with universal appeal for all ages.

For the first time, "Sound Of The Surf" tells the real story behind this cultural and commercial phenomenon, as told by those who were part of California's early surf culture and the musicians who brought surf music to the ears and hearts of millions.