Storm Surfers 3D

Meet two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and big wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones.

Two larger-than-life brothers born out of the 1980s generation of pro-surfing, and both in their 40s, live to ride waves the size of buildings.

In "Storm Surfers 3D" the tone of the journey is light, but the stakes are deadly serious.

It is a film conceived to stand amongst the great surf films but also be accessible to an audience outside of surfing, creating an overall inspiring cinematic experience.

The stunning visual and emotional journey is intertwined with intimate interviews as each main character shares their story, taking the audience along on their epic adventure.

"Storm Surfers 3D" takes its audience along for the ride, transporting the viewer under, over, and through waves in spectacular 3D cinematography.

An experience never-before-seen in cinemas, this is the closest thing to riding a big wave without actually getting wet.

Painstakingly crafted and created specifically for this project, tiny 3D cameras (the size of your hand) combine with huge landscape cameras to immerse the audience in an all-encompassing documentary experience never before presented in cinemas.

Making the concept of a "3D adventure-documentary set in the world of big wave surfing" a reality was an extraordinary challenge.

For one thing, the technology required to shoot a surf film in 3D did not yet exist, so the "Storm Surfers 3D" team created it.