Super Slide: Beyond the Glide

"Super Slide" is about classic hot doggin' style with World Champion Joel Tudor leading the charge and getting solid surfing backup from fellow Californians Kevin Connelly, Jimmy Gamboa, Darren Ledingham, Mike Myers, and many more.

Check out Malibu under prime time south swell conditions, WindanSea going off, and Cardiff Reef delivering perfect winter waves.

Trip out in Santa Cruz with Wingnut and Jay Moriarity, get deep into Backdoor Pipeline's throaty barrels with Bonga Perkins, and witness women's longboarding taking off at San Onofre, Makaha, and Ala Moana.

Also, see how today's roots revival has taken hold in Australia.

Classic longboarding can be traced around the Pacific and back through the generations in this video, with amazing footage and the real-life stories of those whose surfing inspired the evolution.