The Ben Player Project

After a decade strong career at the top of the game, Ben Player took his first world title at the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii in 2005.

However, a post-victory jibe from rival Damian King would sour Player's first world title.

No event wins on the tour that year had given King a reason to dismiss the accomplishment as mere luck and sow doubt in Player's own mind.

Two years of refinement fueled by those words helped Player find pure form, winning back-to-back IBA events at Shark Island and Arica Chile, before hitting the Canary Islands with his closest threat, Amaury Lavernhe, to own the finale at Confital and nail his second world title.

"The Ben Player Project" records this period of backyard free surfing sessions and world tour commitments for Player, earning respect from his peers as the best high-performance rider in the world.

Filmed on HD format and directed by Waldron Bros Production and Murray Bell (DiK), a new production level is set with smooth studio transitions, animated motion graphics, and oozing with Ben Player's style.