The Decline of Surfing Civilization

Remember when surfing was clean and pure? Neither do we. "Decline" is volume two in the Lost Across America series that covers America and its surf spots.

"Decline of Surfing Civilization" profiles a few of those fringe characters that haven't made a career out of photo slutting, boat tripping, ripping the Top Forty Whores, or Newport industry bro-brahing.

Starring Aaron Cormican, John Robertson, Cory and Shea, Flip Bellinzoni, Randall, Dean Randazzo, Dustin Ray, Col. Volland, Justin Matteson, Majica the Surfing Dog, Adam Virs, K.S., and local rippers from most of these locations: San Clemente, San Diego, New York, Central Coast, Gulf Dredge, Outer-Outer Banks, Hawaii, LA., New Jersey, New Symrna Beach, Baja, and more.