The Drifter

Rob Machado decided it was time to leave his comfort zone and discover what he was truly made of by traveling to Indonesia.

His six-month soul-seeking journey is chronicled through his journal, which forms the basis of his heartfelt narration in "The Drifter."

A beautifully shot, emotionally resonant film, "The Drifter" documents this major turning point in Rob Machado's life, during which he comes full circle and ready to take on the next phase in a career in which he's blazed a path and sealed his legacy as not only one of the world's most stylish surfing ambassadors but as a true humanitarian.

This is evident in the film itself, in which Machado helps fund (with help from his corporate sponsor Hurley) and construct a well for a remote village in Sumba - part of his Hurley H2O campaign.

A film directed by Taylor Steele.