The Find: Claiming Nelscott Reef

In the hostile, sharky, cold-water surf of Oregon, a grassroots tow-in surf contest takes place at a newly found surf break, Nelscott Reef, where giant waves up to 50 feet challenge the best big-wave surfers in the world, exposing surfing's struggle to find new territories, the ugly rise of localism, and the potential loss of its soul.

"The Find: Claiming Nelscott Reef" is a documentary about the first four years of the Nelscott Reef Contest, the controversies over the decision to have the event, and the localism that is created to protect this unique Oregon surf break.

Surfers: Grant Baker, Ion Banner, Ron Barron, Shawn Barron, Osh Bartlett, Chris Bertish, Andrew Bierman, Mark Boulder, Vince Broglio, Raph Bruhwiler.

Directed by Erich Lyttle.