The Forgotten Coast

In the world of surfing, there exists a group of elite surfers whose sole mission in life is to surf the unknown.

From California to Australia, surfers have marked up the map with legendary surf spots, which have become polluted and overcrowded over the years.

But this elite group is constantly hunting for untapped waves. Searching across the globe, they have come to the islands of Indonesia, where the most consistent world-class waves can be found around every bend.

However, to reach the perfect waves on "The Forgotten Coast," an extreme physical and mental journey is required.

Join Brian Conley, Travis Potter, Daniel Thomson, Micah Byrne, Brett Schwartz, Brandon Tipton, and Ben Knight, seven of the world's best surfers, as they experience the travel, the adventure, and the purest waves on earth.

Special features include a commentary track with Travis Potter and Director Justin LePera, exclusive interview with Surfer Brian Conley, "The Forgotten Coast" Screensaver; photo gallery by Brian Nevins, Jeff Dolen; deleted scenes.