The Goodwin Project

A young family leaves their home in Kauai. It is time to return to the itinerant path from which all things in their uncommon lives come, beginning and ending on a remote dot in the Pacific.

They nomadically trace continents to places where waves meet their edges, envoys of aloha.

It is what they will learn, what they bring others, what they will pass on to their children in the hyper-expanded classroom, the lab of direct being; a legacy passed from a father to his family.

An adventure cannot be written before it happens, so the film remains untitled until it unfolds.

Together with a small film crew, the Goodwins will document how they are changed by their travels and the effect they have on their acquaintances, hosts, friends, and ticket agents as they circumnavigate our planet through 18 countries and four seasons.

This is the story of their encounters with the world. They step into the current faithfully, inquisitively, boldly, and with goodwill.