The Ripple Effect

The wind carries us on our journey, spreading us abroad like ripples in the sea, riding the outward waves to a distant shore while yet always the wind seems to blow us home again.

The new Glas film "The Ripple Effect" takes you on a journey to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii while returning home for road trips up the California Coast.

Starring Mason Ho, Aaron Cormican, Cory Lopez, Ben Bourgeois, Josh Buran, Jamie O'Brien, Flynn Novak, Kolohe Andino, John John Florence, Kalani David, Jensen Calloway, Travis Beckmann, Zach Plopper, David Santiago, Blake Sands.

Filmed on location in California, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and The Bahamas.

Soundtrack: The Prids, We Miss The Earth, Arm The Angels, and Kevin Mcleod.