Filmed in 16 and 8mm by Roman Bellisario and Patrick Trefz. Directed and produced by Patrick Trefz.

Trefz is a surf photographer and filmmaker who is a senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine residing in the Santa Cruz area.

"Thread" features creative performances and collaborations with Tom Carroll, Anthony Tashnick, Kyle Ramey, Peter Garaway, Campbell Brothers, Russ Short, Taylor Knox, Greg, and Rusty Long, Jamie Sterling, Twiggy Baker, Brad Gerlach, Mike Parsons, Jim Denevan, Adam Replogle, Thomas Campbell, Ray Barbee, Joe Curren, Tom Curren, Art Brewer, Josh Mulcoy, Joel Tudor, Michael Halsband, Dustin Franks, and more.

Music by Fela Kuti, Can, Andrew Kidman, Tom Curren, Noe Dice, Tristeza, Le Mans, Hod, Darrel Green, and more.