Trade Wind: The Wavesailing Film

A 1984 windsurfing film by Jack McCoy. The movie explores the birth of water sport, its pioneers, and early champions.

Somewhere out there, many years ago, the story of evolution took an unexpected turn.

On an isolated tropical island, far from the acid rain of civilization, a new breed of man was born. He was called "homowavesailor."

The "homowavesailor" evolved rapidly. As centuries passed, wave sailing men gravitated to the tropical island of Maui.

From their very first appearance here, they multiplied rapidly. By the 1980s, they were the dominating group on the island.

The steady trade winds and warm tropical waters perfectly suited the development of this new sub-species.

The soundtrack by Chris Eggleton is a collection of synth-pop sounds and songs.

The movie was alternatively titled "Homoswavesailors."