UpThere: exploring the waves of Portugal's northern coast

We all know Portugal has great waves but, for several known reasons, the spots located in the north of the country rarely hit mainstream media.

However, things are changing, and the number of filmmakers exploring the northern coast is steadily increasing.

The truth is that there are multiple uncrowded quality surf spots between Aveiro and Viana do Castelo.

Miguel Assis de Castro, also known as MAC, wasted no time promoting Portugal's northern waves. But he delayed the release of "UpThere."

Why? The rides and the footage were continuously coming up.

"UpThere" features a mix of free surfers and experienced athletes, including 2006 ISA world bodyboarding champion Manuel Centeno and APB campaigner António Cardoso.

But you'll also find national and local talents like Tiago Fazendeiro, Ricardo Faustino, Hugo Maduro, Bogdan Goleminov, Paulo Valente, João Paciência, Diogo Duarte, Francisco Raio, Gonçalo Pina, Diogo Coutinho, Bernardo Machado, Pedro Machado, and Daniel Barros.

The movie was shot during the 2016/2017 winter season in two very special point breaks: Espinho and Troll.