View From a Blue Moon

"View From a Blue Moon" is an award-winning surf film by John John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny.

The duo traveled the world in search of perfect waves, flawless rides, and innovative camera angles.

Florence tasted the power of Pipeline, the dreamy blue ripples of the South Pacific, and the uncharted swell lines of Africa.

The cinematography captures not just the thrill of surfing but also the beauty of the diverse landscapes from locations like Brazil, Hawaii, and Africa.

Beyond the surfing sequences, "View From a Blue Moon" provides insight into John John Florence's personal life, his background, and the influences that have shaped him as one of the most celebrated surfers of his generation.

The film is praised for its stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and its ability to convey the deep connection between the surfer and the ocean.

The movie was shot entirely in 4K. "View From a Blue Moon" is one of the best surf flicks of all time.