Walking On Water

"Walking On Water" invites you to come along and see the world through the eyes of two kids as they embark on the trip of a lifetime. Luke and Tyler are given the opportunity that most young surfers only dream about.

When Bryan Jennings (Founder/Director of "Walking On Water") was fourteen years old, he was taken on his first surf trip by a local professional surfer.

This trip had a lasting effect on his life.

In "Walking On Water," Bryan returns the favor as he takes Tyler and Luke literally around the world in hopes that they too will forever be changed.

Along the way, they meet up with three-time world champion surfer Tom Curren, teen shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, top professional surfers C. J. and Damien Hobgood, and many others.

Join Luke and Tyler as they travel to Hawaii, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, and France.

In this beautiful and inspiring film, the world becomes their classroom.