Walls of Perception

To ride is to be passionate about nature. You have to face nature the way it is, pit your strength against it, and stand in front of it, humble and confident at the same time.

Nature is wild and unpredictable. You can't cheat Nature.

Building on the success of the 2010 release, "The Watermen Experience," Oxbow and Poor Boyz Productions team up again for this year's film: "Walls of Perception."

The new production presents seven amazing riders surfing different spots around the world before bringing them together in one unique place: the Marshall Islands.

The islands are a magic playground where everything becomes possible, where you can engage in all the various disciplines.

Shown from the riders' perspective, the Oxbow team breaks down the stereotypical walls of the surf industry, proving that there is no wrong way to ride a wave.

No matter which rider or sport, when you live life to the fullest, there is only a fine line between your dreams and reality.

Starring: Matt Meola, Kai Lenny, Duane Desoto, Levi Siver, Jason Polakow, Antoine Delpero, Ian Alldredge.