Wave Warriors III

No hype, no jive, no bull: "Wave Warriors III" highlights the hottest action from surfing's most radical performers in the world's most powerful waves.

Gary Elkerton's unmerciful attack on Sunset Beach's towering peaks and grinding inside sections.

Martin Potter's dynamic dynamic blasts of speed and power at Off The Wall and California's premier hot-dog spots.

Waimea Bay's ground-shaking size and massive force generate tangible fear and adrenalin.

Mark Richards, Tom Curren, and Gary Elkerton put their lives on the line.

Pipeline's cavernous tubes with Hawaiian locals Derek Ho and Gerry Lopez getting deeper and deeper on the best west swell of winter.

Futuristic high-performance surfing here today, as Christian Fletcher and Matt Archbold escape gravity with their fully-crazed aerial assault.

Also starring Johnny Boy Gomes, Dane Kealoha, Hans Heidemann, Dino Andino, Todd Holland, Kelly Slater, and many, many more.

Directed by Herbie Fletcher.