Wingnut's Search for Soul

In "Search for Soul," longboarder star Robert "Wingnut" Weaver is young, healthy, successful, and completely disillusioned.

Atop the sport he loves, Wingnut is haunted by the feeling that something is missing. Surfing has misplaced its Holy Grail... its identity... its spirit.

Wingnut decides surfing has lost its soul. So, Wingnut embarks on a journey leaving his California home.

He travels to the flawless beach breaks of Mexico, then on to the perfect point surf of Australia, and finally, he battles the liquid monsters of Hawaii.

Along the way, Wingnut seeks out surfing legends who can give him advice-both sound, and otherwise - all sending him in different directions.

"Wingnut's Search for Soul" has all the surf action, travel, and stoke associated with a classic surf film, but with a twist.

This documentary is based on actual events that may or may not have happened depending on who you believe.