Horseshoe Bay Beach: enjoy the transparent waves of Bermuda

The territory of Bermuda consists of 181 islands linked by bridges and divided into nine parishes.

It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 1,030 kilometers (640 miles) west-northwest to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

The largest island - Main Island - is often called Bermuda.

With 103 kilometers (64 miles) of coastline, Bermuda has crystal clear waters warmed by the Gulf Stream.

The climate is humid subtropical, with temperatures between 75-85 °F (23-29 °C) from May to mid-October and around 70 °F (21 °C) during winter.

Rainfall occurs relatively equally throughout the year.

The average wind speed in Bermuda is 12 knots (13.8 miles per hour), with a prevailingly southwestern direction.

Surfing in Bermuda is not an impossible mission.

You can be lucky and ride fun waves at Horseshoe Bay Beach, Grape Bay, Hungry Bay, Hamilton, SouthlandsTucks (Tucker's Town), and Castle Island.

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