Canada Surf Spots

Tofino: Canada's surfing capital | Photo:

Canada enjoys a very diverse climate. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, temperatures can get really low and, in the south, summers are warm.

There's also snow, rain, and sun in abundance. But, close to the Arctic Circle, the temperatures may stay below zero degrees for seven months a year.

The world's second-largest country by total area can offer plenty of surfing experiences.

The city of Tofino, located on Vancouver Island, is Canada's surfing capital. The place is six hours from Vancouver, on the mainland.

Chesterman Beach, Cox Bay, and Long Beach deliver some of the best waves in British Columbia.

These peaks can get very crowded, so respect the locals and enjoy the rides.

If you're on the eastern coast, Lawrencetown Beach and Ingonish Beach are the best spots in Nova Scotia.

For a surfing experience in Ontario, go to Lake Superior and Kincardine.

Finally, in Montreal, Quebec, you'll find "Habitat 67," Canada's famous standing wave.

This is an excellent opportunity to surf waves created by fast-moving water rapids.

Take an in-depth look at the best surf spots in Canada.