El Gringo, Arica: bodyboarder's heaven in Chile | Photo: AlexandreSilva2b.blogspot.pt/Adriano Silveira

Chile enjoys a wide range of weather conditions ranging from the hot Atacama desert to the freezing Patagonian glaciers.

Therefore, this South American country has seven major climatic subtypes. The prevailing wind is from the southwest.

Tourism is growing firmly in Chile. The world is discovering the natural beauty and the strong and ancient cultural values of its people.

The peculiar long and narrow coastal strip is the perfect surfing destination. At the beginning of the 21st century, Chile stepped into the world of surfing.

Today, the country is considered to be one of the best American countries to catch great waves.

There are many great surf spots, but the world-class peaks are located in the north and central Chile, near the capital city of Santiago and Concepción.

Arica, Pichilemu, Punta de Lobos, La Rinconada, Punta Quidico shouldn't be missed if you're in the northern and central region.

If you head south, make sure you're wearing a warm wetsuit. Get your board up to Carelmapu, El Faro, El Muro and Playa Blanca.

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