Colombia Surf Spots

Pico de Loro: perfection in Colombia | Photo:

Colombia enjoys a vast range of weather conditions. You can have a scorching temperature in one region and colder moments in the highest mountains. Nevertheless, the differences in temperature between seasons are quite low.

Colombia is in the track of the El Niño and La Niña. Its coastline offers 3,208 kilometers of waves, but the best surf breaks are only accessible by boat.

The best surf spots in Colombia are located on the Pacific coast.

If you're on this side of the country, go for a memorable surf session at Pico de Loro, Juan Tornillo, El Valle, Termales, Juanchaco, and Terco.

The Nuqui Airport is the best option and is located near top-class Colombian surf spots.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to ride waves on the Caribbean shores of Colombia.

With warm waters and rare surfing conditions, try your luck in Punta Roca, El Bolsillo, Cartagena Jetty, Pradomar, Hilton, Buritaca, Los Naranjos and Arrecifes.

The Bahia Solano is currently being developed as a surf tourism destination.