La Libertad: a surf heaven waiting for you in El Salvador

El Salvador enjoys a tropical climate with extreme wet and dry seasons. While temperatures in the Pacific lowlands are uniformly hot, they are more moderate in the central plateau and mountain areas.

Between November and April, the northeast trade winds control the entire weather, with air flowing from the Caribbean while passing over the mountains in Honduras.

By the time it reaches El Salvador, it is dry, hot, and hazy. However, you can experience snow in the extreme northeastern part of the country, near Cerro El Pital.

El Salvador has 320 kilometers of Pacific coastline with plenty of incredible surf breaks.

The uncrowded surf spots offer 300 days of excellent surfing conditions and warm waters.

There are many places to be surfed in El Salvador. Near the city of La Libertad, Punta Roca is definitely a world-class right-hand point break.

Conchalio, Cocal, and San Blas are great alternatives. Bocana is the best lefthander in El Salvador.

Despite the long paddle-out, Sunzal is one of the best waves in the country, and you may have to share rides with more surfers.

For beginners, there's always Palmarcito. K59, Zonte, Mizata, Zunzal, and Fisherman's Point complete an endless list of El Salvador surf beaches.

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