Nias: the perfect barrels of Indonesia | Photo: Surf Camp Nias

Indonesia enjoys a tropical climate with a global average temperature of 28 ºC, and the difference between the shortest and longest day is minimal - only 48 minutes.

The Asian country is influenced by monsoons, so rainfall, high humidity, and low winds are very common. Altitude affects Indonesia more than seasons.

The country has 17,508 islands, of which 6,000 are inhabited. It isn't easy to find a beach where you cannot catch waves and have fun.

There are five regions that represent the best surfing beaches in Indonesia: Bali, Java, Sumatra, Sumbawa, and Mentawai.

In Bali, good waves are everywhere and for all levels of surfing. This magic place has the best surf spots on the Asian Continent.

Balangan, Bingin, Canguu, Dreamland, Kuta Beach, Medewi, Padang Padang, Shipwrecks, and Uluwatu are only a few of the impressive surf peaks of this region.

Java, the world's most populous island, offers great surf spots. Waves are consistent, perfect, and still uncrowded on many beaches.

Cimaja Beach, Panaitan Island, Sawarna, Turtles, Grajagan, and Pangandaran are waves where you should take your surfboard to.

In the Mentawai Islands, surfers flock to beaches like Lances Left, Macaronis, Telescopes, while if you're visiting Sumatra, you should stop at Mandiri, Way Jambu, Lagundri, Asu, and Jackals.

In Sumbawa, Lakey Peak is unique, but Cobblestones, Periscopes, Nungas, and Nangadoro deliver plenty of waves for remarkable surfing sessions.

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