Morocco Surf Spots

Morocco: powered by the Atlantic | Photo:

Morocco enjoys several climates: Mediterranean in the North, maritime temperate in the central coastline and dry in the Atlas and Sahara Desert.

This African kingdom is a melting pot of cultural origins, where Arabs, Berbers and Europeans live and trade for centuries. Morocco is an Atlantic country with 1,835 kilometres of coastline.

In the interior temperatures are more extreme with very cold winters and extremely hot summers. El Jadida, Essaouira and Agadir have splendid conditions for surfers, which means plenty of surf spots along the coast.

Windsurfers and kitesurfers are regular visitors, too.

If you're in the North of Morocco, you'll find many surf tourists and locals riding the waves of Bouznika, Dahomey, Mehdya Beach, Moulay Bousselham, Oued Cherrat and Sablettes. Safi is probably the most famous surfing wave in Morocco.

The South of the Kingdom of Morocco also promises good waves for all levels of experience. Enjoy warm waters and consistent waves in Anchor Point, Boilers, Imessouane, Sidi and Tamri.

Visit the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Surf et Bodyboard website.

  • It's 45 °F, and I am at 45 degrees North, 70 miles east of the coast.
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