Scheveningen: the capital of surfing in the Netherlands

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a West European nation bordered by Germany to the east, the North Sea to the west and north, and Belgium to the south. The country also comprises three Caribbean islands.

Known for its windmills, canals, dikes, rich culture, and open-mindedness, The Netherlands has a total land area of 33,893 square kilometers and a 451-kilometer long coastline.

The weather in the region is famous for its unpredictability.

The climate is moderate maritime, providing mild winters and cool summers.

Rain tends to occur evenly around the year, falling with more intensity in the autumn. April is usually is the driest month.

The daily average temperature is 10 ºC, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 22 ºC in the summer and a minimum of 0 ºC in the winter.

Southwest winds are prevailing, blowing stronger in the coastal regions.

The Netherlands have great waves, especially when the NW-N swells pick up.

Despite the jetties, seawalls, and dykes, a good offshore wind will create the perfect conditions for a splendid surfing day.

The northern beaches are usually flat because of the Waddeneilanden Islands barrier, which halts swell coming from the North Sea.

Nevertheless, Petten, Camperduin and Hargen, Bergen Aan Zee, Wijk Aan Zee will work north of Amsterdam, and south of Texel.

The capital of Dutch surfing is Scheveningen. Here, you will find multiple beach breaks with quality peaks for everyone.

Despite the crowd factor, it's one of the most consistent surf spots in the country.

In the south of the Netherlands, waves can be caught near Domburg, in the province of Zeeland. Check for Blokken, Slufter, Schouwen Duiveland, and Vlissingen.

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