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South Africa enjoys a temperate climate influenced by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In the Southwestern region, it's possible to experience Mediterranean weather and seasons.

In Cape Town, the average high temperature is 22 ºC (71,6ºF), and the average low temperature is 11,4 ºC (52,5 ºF).

The 25th largest country in the world offers 2,798 kilometers of coastline, which means hundreds of top-class surf spots.

It wouldn't be a lie to say that South Africa has the best surfing waves of the entire African Continent.

The best surf peaks are extremely crowded and might be threatened by sharks, so caution is advised.

The world's greatest predator, the white shark, enjoys the warm water of the African country.

There are three main regions for surfing in South Africa: between Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope, between Port Elizabeth and East London, and near Durban.

Dungeons is for big boys and big girls. Only advanced surfers should take on this big wave experience.

Cape St. Francis is a perfect right point break and has produced several surf legends.

Jeffrey's Bay is one of the best waves in the world. This crowded right-hand point delivers world-class rides for all levels of surfing.

Its sand and rocky bottom produce perfect waves.

Cave Rock is great and intense. Despite being short, you can feel all the power of Mother Nature as it will speed you up through the surf line.

In Durban, there are dozens of excellent surf spots. Battery Beach, New Pier, Wedge, North Beach, and Baggies may offer fun surfing conditions for everyone.

Not far, in the Southern Kwazulu Natal, the best surf spots are Lucien, St. Mike's, Umzumbe, Happy Wanderers, and Green Point.

In the East London region, look for Igoda, Naidoo Point, Nahoon Reef, Gonubie, Glen Eden, and The Berries. There are plenty of waves all year round.

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