Thurso East: Scotland's most famous wave

The United Kingdom enjoys a temperate and rainy climate. The prevailing wind is from the Southwest, but the Southeast region of the country is the warmest.

The overall climate is very much influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which brings warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico.

The driest month is July. The average total annual sunshine in the United Kingdom is 1,339.7 hours, which means just under 30 percent of the maximum possible.

The country has mild winters and warm summers, with moderate variation in temperature throughout the year.

During summertime, the British people spend their time in coastal regions such as Cornwall.

There are many great surf spots in the UK, from beach breaks to gnarly point breaks and rocky reefs.

Also, the surf infrastructures are great, especially if you head to Cornwall, in Wales, the capital of British surfing.

Scotland, up in the North, has several world-class surf spots.

Take Thurso East, a powerful right-hand reef wave available to intermediate-to-advanced surfers. Pease Bay is also a special surf spot for Scottish surfers.

In Northern Ireland, the best waves are Benone Strand, Castlerock, Portballintrae, Portrush East Strand, and White Rocks.

On the east coast, go for Saltburn, while in the South, the Boscombe offers a great surfing experience for all levels in Bournemouth.

Also, try Bantham/Bigbury near Plymouth.

Cornwall, on the west coast, has the best UK surf spots, indeed. Newquay is the capital city of British Surfing.

Sennen Cove, Watergate Bay, Towan Beach, Fistral Beach, St Agnes, Porthtowan, Praa Sands, and Porthleven have plenty of quality waves on offer.

Many young Londoners have moved to these beaches to enjoy the quality of life by the sea, near the best surfing sands.

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