Running: one of the best workouts for surfers | Photo: Shutterstock

Staying active is the best way to surf more and better. A weekly running and jogging routine will directly impact your surfing. All you need is 30 minutes twice a week.

Running is not only good because it helps burn calories. It is good for your mental health, too. It will make you happier and always motivated to go surfing.

Running and jogging are aerobic exercises. They will help you lose weight and improve your general health status.

Running is a more intense and fast-paced version of jogging. If, for any reason, you can't run, jog - early morning or in the evening.

Just do it.

Set an achievable running distance at an average speed of between 8 and 15 miles per hour (13 and 24 kilometers per hour), and analyze your body's response afterward.

Running will make you a better surfer for the following reasons:

  1. Running activates the muscles in your calves, shins, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes;
  2. Running burns unwanted calories;
  3. Running will help you lose extra weight;
  4. Running strengthens the heart and optimizes the cardiovascular system;
  5. Running strengthens the bones;
  6. Running reduces the risk of breast cancer and stroke;
  7. Running lowers blood pressure;
  8. Running activates 50 percent of the lungs that are often unused;
  9. Running boosts the "afterburn" effect;
  10. Running strengthens your knees and joints;

Surfing: get your body ready for action with a weekly running routine | Photo: Moran/Red Bull

Track Your Progress

Running is inexpensive - all you need is a pair of shoes, and you're ready to go.

Today, you can also track your progress and set up new running routes with dozens of free smartphone apps for runners - RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Runtastic, iSmoothRun Pro Strava are a few good examples.

If you finish your running training with a sprint, you'll notice considerable improvements within two-to-four weeks, especially in paddling power and lower body mechanics.

Remember to start your running and jogging session with a short warm-up workout to exercise the muscles and slowly increase your heart rate.

And never overdo it. Listen to your body. Running for the records is as dumb as a competitive eating contest. Running more won't make you a better sportsman or sportswoman.

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