Windsurfing: bottom turn and cut back just like in surfing

Windsurfing is an exciting water sport. Windsurfing gear has evolved a lot in the last two decades. The science behind hydrodynamics and aerodynamics pushed outdoor activity into attractive markets and challenging new disciplines.

Today, you can easily transport mast, board, sail, and boom in your car.

The equipment is light and can be quickly rigged. Windsurfing is for all ages, whether you want it in the waves or over flat waters.

In the 21st century, windsurfers introduced portable GPS devices to measure speed and courses.

There are long-distance races, competitive slalom contests, and ultra-fast 500-meter runs.

Windsurfers in the waves have broken all rules. Yes, they can get barreled, and yes, they can bottom-turn aggressively in a bomb at Jaws or Cloudbreak.

Are you a new school aerialist? That can be easily matched with a 60-foot (59-meter) wave jump. Just add a sail to the board and give it a go.

Surfers should really try windsurfing. Many windsurfers are also surfers. So, let's take a look at the ten reasons why surfers should own a windsurfer:

1. There are way too many unfavorable windy days

Those annoying onshore wind days are over. Get a windsurfing kit and enjoy the steep ramps of your local break or a nearby lake.

2. You can ride waves, too

Carve, cutback, fly, bottom-turn, float. Windsurfers are just like surfers.

3. You can enjoy the speed

Set your personal, national, or world record. Drive your wrist GPS devices to incredibly fast runs over flat waters. Break the 50 knots and be a hero.

4. It's not that expensive

You can buy a brand-new windsurfing kit for under $2000 or second-hand gear for less than $750.

5. It's the closest alternative in the wind sports category

Bodyboarding is not the same, and kiteboarding requires time to pull the lines. You can rig a windsurfing sail in less than five minutes.

6. It works as a SUP

Are you tired of waves and wind? Get your windsurf board, grab a paddle, and explore your local break.

7. It will add sailing knowledge to your repertoire

Learn how wind hits the sail and how you can ride faster.

8. It's easy to learn how to windsurf

Did you know that you can learn how to windsurf in two hours? It's easy. Really.

9. Allows you to explore the outer limits of your home break

The "out the back" concept will reveal its new meaning in windsurfing.

10. It will strengthen your arms and legs

You will build strength in the arms, legs, back, core, abs, and shoulders.

Still not convinced?

Antoine Albeau holds the record for the fastest run ever (52.05 knots) by a windsurfer on a 500-meter race track.

Also, take a look at the final highlights of the Red Bull Storm Chase.

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