Urban surfing: plan a trip to one of the world's best surf towns | Photo: Shutterstock

Whether you're starting with surfing or you are an experienced surfer, there are a few towns you should visit.

Some of the most exciting surf travel destinations are located in large coastal cities.

These burghs allow you to explore their vibrant cultural life, enjoy the weather and environment, and connect with local people during your surf trip, improving your skills on various local surf breaks.

In this article, we highlight ten surf towns you can choose as your next dream destination - because some waves break in unlikely places.

You should always pick the most appropriate place for surfing based on your budget, personal preferences, and skills.

Take a look at these unique travel destinations for surfing enthusiasts:

Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast, Australia | Photo: Creative Commons

The city of Gold Coast offers you an urban life experience while accessing the surf conveniently without the hassle of having to travel for miles to the beach.

Around the city, you will enjoy world-class waves along the 44 miles (70 kilometers) stretch of surf breaks.

Having reliable and consistent conditions, Gold Coast is a must-visit surf town in Australia. The region attracts riders from various parts of the world.

With the warm and clear waters, you would not want to miss the beautiful scenery even as you go out to perfect your skills.


Florianópolis, Brazil

Florianópolis, Brazil | Photo: Papa Pic/Creative Commons

Brazil has a long coastline and 4,655 miles of incredible surf spots.

But, specifically, Florianópolis is one of the cities you would not want to miss when thinking about surfing.

The city has 42 beaches that will present you with a high-class surfing adventure.

The beaches in Floripa - the name the local people call Florianópolis - are ideal for various skill levels.

Sometimes, the surfers hold professional competitions in places like Joaquina Beach. Surfing is a very common outdoor activity here, especially in the afternoons.


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa | Photo: Beard/Creative Commons

The southernmost city in Africa is also a fantastic destination for surfing holidays. Some of the best breaks are located in Cape Peninsula, in Cape Town.

When talking about the reliability of the surf in Cape Town, most of the beaches offer consistent swells, making it a hot spot for surfers all year round.

Cape Town also hosts stunning geographical features, mountain ranges, and other natural beauties that you will not want to miss, even on a wave-riding vacation.

Ensure that you get the "Scratch Off the Map of the World" with the places you have visited so that you do not forget your surfing trip to Cape Town.


Santa Cruz, California, USA

Santa Cruz, California, USA | Photo: Creative Commons

This little city in Northern California has a long surf history dating back to 1885.

Back then, Hawaiian princes David Kawananakoa, Edward Keliiahonui, and Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole rode the first waves ever in Santa Cruz.

The town has 11 amazing surfing beaches where you can improve and progress your skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Santa Cruz surf spots are ideal for first-timers and beginners looking for an unforgettable experience in the fascinating local waves.

But there's always Steamer Lane for advanced riders.

You also get the chance to visit the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, among other attractions, when you are not on the beach.


Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand | Photo: Creative Commons

Hosting about 30 percent of New Zealand's population, Auckland is the biggest city and the nation's capital.

There are so many things to enjoy in New Zealand during your holidays.

But as a water sports enthusiast, Auckland will offer you exceptional beaches for your international surfing needs.

The western coasts of Auckland are ideal for experienced riders. They feature black sand beaches and powerful waves.

On the other hand, the eastern coasts have more gentle waves, which are more suitable for beginners trying to find their balance on the board.

All beaches are a short distance from the center of Auckland, and you will get in the water and paddle out after about 30 minutes of driving.


Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia | Photo: Zimmer/Creative Commons

Sydney is one of the top multicultural cities in the world. Some of the tourist attractions include national monuments and cultural diversity.

But if you're a surfer, you will find Sydney fascinating due to its beautiful beaches and stunning waves.

You can expect to find a cool place to spend your holidays because there are more than 70 beaches in and around Sydney.

Bondi Beach, Freshwater Beach, Manly Beach, and Umina Beach are only a few examples of the various stretches of sand that will enable you to enjoy Sydney's surfing potential.

The surf is also adequately consistent all year round. In one way or another, you will get your share of waves surrounded by a surf-oriented lifestyle.


Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA | Photo: Creative Commons

Hawaii's largest city, Honolulu, is home to one million people. It is also a popular holiday destination for many people from all corners of the globe.

The city is in a temperate climate, and you can expect it to be favorable for surfing activities all year round.

You can always expect crowds in Honolulu as it is one of the epicenters of surfing in Hawaii.

Like at Waikiki Beach, for example, where Duke Kahanamoku and the local beach boys introduced the sport to tourists and the world.

With powerful barreling waves, experienced and talented surfers flock to the place to sharpen their experience for professional competitions.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel | Photo: Creative Commons

Israel is one of the biggest dreams for international travelers. And it is worth noting that Israel is a safe destination for any tourist.

Hilton Beach, Maravi Beach, and Dolphinarium Beach will provide you with shark-free waves, warm waters, and mild weather conditions.

Believe it or not, Tel Aviv gives you a variety of surfing experiences around the city on the Mediterranean Sea.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain | Photo: Creative Commons

Barcelona is one of Spain's most popular coastal cities for international tourists.

The city is famous for the variety of cultures in the region. Art and architectural landmarks are other fascinating things that attract people to the town.

But as a surfing enthusiast, you will definitely want to get yourself wet at La Barceloneta, the city's most popular urban surf break.

This port town has more beaches around that you can visit within a few minutes from the city center.

In Barcelona, the surf is great from early Fall to Spring.


Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco | Photo: Creative Commons

With a temperate Mediterranean climate, Casablanca is a wonderful travel destination. The city is also the largest metropolitan area in Morocco.

Casablanca is a famous tourist attraction center, especially since it is close to many European cities.

As a surf destination, Casablanca will provide you with pleasant surfing experiences with long rides down the line along the Atlantic coastline.

The best time to visit the city for surfing is between Fall and Spring. The conditions here are adequate for beginners and intermediate riders.

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