The Chunk of Foam Challenge: a dusty contest

Four shapers will participate in The Chunk of Foam Challenge, at Del Mar Fairgrounds, between 17th-18th May, during The Boardroom 2014.

Kelly Connolly, Chris Christenson, Hank Warner, and Mike Estrada will be asked to find a classic surfboard from within a chunk of surfboard foam within a three-hour time limit.

The board they will be replicating is the original ...Lost RNF 5'5''(19 1/4), by Matt Biolos. Each shaper will have three hours in the shaping bay, with additional limitations.

There's no template, no pre-fab rocker, no modern measuring devices, no board measuring, 90 seconds to fondle the original board, a handsaw, only one power tool of their choice, a 10'' piece of string with a nail at each end, hand sanding devices and finishing tools.

"Americans are thirsty for authentic craftsmanship. This unique shaping competition will have attendees glued to the unfolding action. This challenge helps to highlight surfboard shaping, the craft of board building, and the very core of the surf industry," says Scott Bass, director of The Boardroom.

Learn how to shape your own surf surfboard.

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