Fernando Aguerre: hat style

Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association (ISA) believes the artificial wave pool technology will help surfing get to the Olympic Games.

The Argentine surfing leader is on a long-term mission. Fernando Aguerre is strongly committed in getting the sport of riding waves into the Olympic Games.

In the last two decades, the ISA president has brought more than 50 nations to the world governing body for surfing. His ultimate goal is to have 100 countries around the institution in 2015, and open the eyes of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

"Many top surfers around the world have already tested the artificial waves and have endorsed the new technology. This is hugely positive for our sport," underlines Aguerre.

"The breakthrough in wave technology is a real game changer for surfing, and it eliminates the main obstacle that has stood between our sport and the Olympic Games in the past - we can now make perfect waves every time, all the time."

Fernando Aguerre firmly believes that surfing "would bring proven excitement, value and fun to the Olympic Games. The success of new action sports in the Winter Games in Sochi shows how integrating a sport like surfing into the Olympic realm could boost the profile of the Games amongst a younger generation".

In the next years, the world will finally test the best artificial wave concepts, as the first installments open in the Europe. The Olympic opportunity is right around the corner. Will Aguerre fulfill his dream?

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