Aipa Sting: only Buttons could ride this beauty

Surfboard shaper Roger Hinds has replicated the best classic Aipa Sting, by Ben Aipa, at the "Icons of Foam: Tribute to the Masters".

The board was made specifically for Buttons Kaluhiokalani, in 1974. It features a subtle beak nose, sleek down rails, a flat deck and the iconic Ben Aipa Sting.

"This has been an amazing weekend and I'm extremely happy and humbled. The word 'legend' gets thrown around a lot but let me tell you, Ben Aipa is a legend with a capital 'L '," says Roger Hinds.

"To be able to win this event, to honor Ben, and to do it at here, this weekend, has been the most important weekend of my shaping career. This building is brimming with wonderful people filled with surf stoke. Incredible."

Hinds won the surfboard shaping contest against defending champion Matt Calvani, Axel Lorentz, Cordell Miller, Davey Smith and Skye Richards.

Aipa even walked into the shaping bay during the competition and told each professional to add a swallow tail to the shape. The original board has a small square tail.

The Boardroom also featured the "Chunk of Foam Challenge", in which shapers must find a surfboard from within a large chunk of foam. Chris Christenson bested Hank Warner, Mike Estrada and Kelly Connolly.

Are you on a week-long beach holiday? Have you bought bodyboard for your kid? Smart move. Get ready to introduce your offspring to the waves easily and safely. It is going to be fun.

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