Makua Rothman: no fear for 'Point Break'

Makua Rothman, Billy Kemper, Brian Keaulana and Ahanu Tson-Dru will be surfing the "Point Break" remake.

Names have been pouring in to take part in the new "Point Break". The Alcon Entertainment producers - Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson - have confirmed that the remake of 1991s ultimate surfing movie will kick off shooting on the 26th June.

The film tells the story of a young FBI agent (Luke Bracey) who goes undercover to infiltrate a criminal gang suspected of committing sophisticated heists all around the world. The plot will feature 70-foot waves, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, free rock climbing, and high speed motorcycle stunts.

Surf stunts will be performed by Makua Rothman, Billy Kemper, Brian Keaulana and Ahanu Tson-Dru. The "Point Break" remake will be shot in Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, French Polynesia and India.

With Luke Bracey in the Johnny Utah role, there will be Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi. The movie will be directed by Ericson Core.

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