Slide Fins: flexible surfboard fins reduce drag

Slide Fins are the world's first flexible surfboard fin system.

Surfboards are in the center of a surfing revolution. After watching how Shapeshifter is introducing an innovative surfboard removable tail system, with its wide range of surfboard tail shapes, Surf Fins adds a new variable to the liquid equation.

What happens to your surfboard when fins adjust to maneuvers in the water. What if they could actually move with superior flexibility to perform advanced, skateboard-style tricks.

Slide Fins focus on a flexible fin technology that folds and releases under directional wave pressure. In other words, these fins will totally change the way we manage drag while surfing. Fixed fins make tail slides, rail slides, shove-its and 360s much harder. Slide Fins prepare to change the whole paradigm.

In a way, we might have to relearn how to surf. Pull off maneuvers that involve sliding sideways, with fins that fold up in one direction when under pressure, and then spring back down into their engaged position after the water pressure is released.

The sport's most creative freestylers will have a lot of wave faces to explore, with this groundbreaking innovation. Slide Fins may be changing the course of surfing in the upcoming years. They were invented by Scott Peberdy, of Outereef Surfboards Australia, and are fully compatible with FCS and Futures fin boxes.

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