GoPro: a mouth mount will impress friends and family | Photo: Robbie Crawford/GoPro

Professional big wave surfer Mark Healey teaches us how to take a GoPro head strap mount and turn it into a bite plate without cutting anything.

Simple, easy and very useful. A GoPro mouth mount captures stunning footage, in point-of-view mode. It's a great way of reliving the greatest surfing moments of your life. If you can also impress friends and family, then great.

"There's a few things that you're going to need. One is neoprene tape. You can find this at any hardware store. You can just cut an old wetsuit or just find something soft, so it's not so hard on your teeth. You're going to need scissors and electrical tape." explains Healey.

Start by taking the head strap apart. You don't have to cut anything, just slip the straps right off. You'll only need the plastic mount.

Now, roughly measure the neoprene tape and cut it. Wrap it around the plastic mount, and make sure it's stuck on there good. Then you're ready for electrical tape. A couple wraps of tape and you're ready to hit the waves.

As you can see, with neoprene, tape, and a few simple alterations, you can make a fully functioning bite mount with no harm done to your original head strap.

Get the GoPro, a head strap mount, and a floaty backdoor. Enjoy life.

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